Consequences of Partition in India and Pakistan

1. It was one of the largest and tragic transfers of the population that human history has known.

2. Minorities were killing and atrocities on both sides of the border, in the name of religion people of one community ruthlessly killed and maimed people of the other community.

3. Cities like Lahore, Amritsar, and Kolkata became divided into communal zones.

4. Forced to abandon their homes and move across the border, people went through immense sufferings.

5. Minorities on both sides of the border fled their homes and often secured temporary shelter in refugee camps.

6. Minorities often found unhelpful local administration and police in what was till recently their own country.

7. They traveled to the other side of the new border by all sorts of means, often by foot.

8. Thousands of women were abducted on both sided of the border. They were made to convert to the religion of the abductor and were forced into marriage.

9. The employees of the government and the railways were also divided.

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