Constitutional Provisions Adopted From Different Countries

Indian constitution is the lenghiest written constitution in the world having 448 articles ,25 parts ,12 schedules.This is due to the diversity in our culture.The Fundamental Rights and the Directive Principles of State Policy) derive their inspiration from the American and Irish Constitutions respectively. The political part of the Constitution (the principle of Cabinet Government and the relations between the executive and the legislature) have been largely drawn from the British Constitution.

The other provisions of the Constitution have been drawn from the constitutions of Canada, Australia, Germany,USSR (now Russia), France,South Africa, Japan, and so on.

List of Constitutional Provisions Adopted From Different Countries:

Government of India Act 1935

  • Federal Scheme (also from constitution of Canada)
  • Office of Governor
  • Judiciary
  • Public Service Commission
  • Emergency Provisions
  • Administrative Details

British Constitution

  • Parliamentary form of government
  • The idea of single citizenship
  • The idea of the Rule of law
  • Institution of Speaker and his role
  • Lawmaking procedure
  • Procedure established by Law

United States Constitution

  • Preamble
  • Fundamental Rights
  • Federal structure of government
  • Electoral College
  • Independence of the judiciary and separation of powers among the three branches of the government
  • Judicial review
  • President as supreme commander of armed forces
  • Equal Protection under law

Irish Constitution

  • Directive principles of state policy {Ireland itself borrowed it from Spain}

Australian Constitution

  • Freedom of trade and commerce within the country and between the states
  • Power of the national legislature to make laws for implementing treaties, even on matters outside normal Federal jurisdiction
  • Concurrent List

French Constitution

  • Ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity

Canadian Constitution

  • A quasi-federal form of government — a federal system with a strong central government
  • Distribution of powers between the central government and state governments
  • Residual powers retained by the central government

Constitution of the Soviet Union

  • Fundamental Duties

Other Constitutions

  • Emergency Provision Under article 356 Weimar Constitution(Germany)
  • Amendment of Constitution, South Africa
  • Due Procedure of Law, Japan.

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