Quotes from Anime #1

Katekyo Hitman Reborn Quotes:

The Arcobaleno


“Intelligence rules the world.”

Intelligence is the best weapon in this world. Allowing you to live with and advantage over everyone else


“A leader should know hot to utilize capabilities.”

One aspect of leadership is the ability to recognize and utilize each of member’s capabilities.


“Life without desire is meaningless.”

I can’t live meaningless life, ignoring my own desires

The Vongola

“Hurting people won’t help you regain your pride.”

Sawada Tsunayoshi

“Rely on your instincts, rather than logic.”

Yamamoto Takeshi

“To be honest, I’ve never thought of him as my boss. But I think he’s a great nii-chan.”

Bovino Lambo

“No matter who you are I won’t lose.”

Dokuro Chrome

“You lost because of one reason, and only one reason. Because I was your opponent.”

Rokudo Mukuro

“It is the sky that allows the cloud to move about freely, but someday, I will even bite up the sky itself.”

Hibari Kyoya

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