Rebirth Of a Supermodel

By : Mo Chen Huan




237 chapters

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Slice of life, Yaoi

In his past life, Ming Yu struggled in the European and United States fashion circles, eventually becoming the well deserved king of the catwalk.

After dying from a serious illness and being reborn, Ming Yu was surprised to find:
Huaxia stars shone brightly, there were successful names everywhere!

In this better world, on a more vigorous and brilliant stage, the first supermodel tries to reproduce the glory of another world!

Interviewer: May I ask Mr Xi, this year Ming Yu said he would surpass you. As the number one global supermodel, what is your opinion on this?

Xi Ze: This is a bad question. My family has very strict rules.

Home Owner Ming Yu: …….

The pair of black-hearted husbands will sweep the fashion industry, conquering the world.

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Review ( Mah Thoughts )

The way the Fashion Industry is portrayed is simply amazing. As I am not an expert or have much insight about this industry but even an ameteur like me can say that by reading this novel I have a bit of confidence that I am not a hopeless case. Though its only teeny tiny knowledge (let’s not get egoistic).

Ming Yu’s rebirth due to illness and came to a better world. Here fashion is popular, big names everywhere, China is starlight, star-studded. Better opportunities, more challenges, higher stage, this is a touching story of the first supermodel and fashion godfather to sweep the fashion world, conquer the world, powerful combination, sparks.

The author has a beautiful writing style, a fluent plot, a funny and humorous language, exudes cool points and vividly portrays a true and vivid fashion world, portrays meticulous and convincing. Black belly high cold fashion godfather and intelligent calm new model, attack the novel interaction interesting, witty, brave, soul-stirring, leaving the reader unlimited imagination.


Spoiler regarding main lead aka Xe Zi

The ML is a top supermodel, designer and holds major power in the MC’s company. He was first interested in the MC as his “muse” or source of inspiration. Around chapter 30 the ML offered for the MC to be his personal and only “muse”, meaning he can only model for his designs. The MC rejected him because while being the ML’s muse would’ve been the quickest way to becoming a supermodel he didn’t want his success to be entwined with the ML’s name and he didn’t want to be branded by anyone yet since he was just starting out. However they did become friends, although a small you’d expect they’re relationship is quite close despite only knowing each other for a while.

The ML doesn’t really interfere with the MC’s work, but he is protective of the MC. An example is around chapter 70, where the MC’s host’s crush, Cheng Su, participated in a variety show abroad with the MC and chose him for a punishment which later caused him to get sick. The ML had a famous female supermodel who was also a guest on the show to pressure the crush by making it seem like he had offended the supermodel by also choosing her for the punishment since she was on the same team as the MC. He also moved to the top floor (the entire top floor) of the MC’s apartment just so he could be closer to him.. another example, he had the Director give MC top level (or something similar, I think above top even?) star treatment, of course there wasn’t much resistance since the MC was rapidly growing in popularity.

The ML is really caring~ He drove out (politely) the MC’s assistant so that he could take care of the MC personally when he was sick, (and scared the supermodel who didn’t tell him MC was sick..) and he also personally drew a portrait of the MC, although he did initially insinuate for the MC to get naked for the drawing so he can draw the “original mushroom” (the MC also has a nickname, Small Mushroom, given to him by his fans… :blobxd:)
I’m pretty sure they’d already kissed some time around chapter 50-60’s? There wasn’t much of a reaction fromt he MC, he was really calm about it. Before and after that their relationship had grown quite close, not to the fall in love heads over heels stage but realistic and not far from being a couple.

The ML comes off as slightly…sadistic, and black bellied to other people but he isn’t the cold hearted, emotionless type.

Spoiler regarding main character aka Ming Yu

My favourite part about the MC: “ Ming Xiaoyu [nickname, his real name is Ming Yu] may be cooking a little worse, ugly writing point, acting a little bit worse (Ming Xiaoyu: can shut up? 눈 _ 눈)”

He’s realistic, yet really, really, realllyyyy cool! His writing is pretty bad, even cooking tomato fried rice is hard for him, and he can’t act (he puts in a lot of effort but so far the only success was the first time he played an anti-social character, lol, although his manager and acting teacher say it’s because he suits the role…he NGed 20 times for a scene not long after though…) he isn’t like one of the omnipotent characters who can do anything and everything perfectly. Although he apparantly always comes out as champion on game shows… He isn’t really dark or really bright, he’s realistic yet has a certain charisma.

Spoiler regarding mc’s ex

The MC and the ex became Supermodels at the same time, except the MC not only ranked higher then the ex amongst the 5 new supermodels but also climbed the rankings faster then him. The ex is furious and against his manager’s orders began making trouble with the MC, the last straw was when he paid an ex-model who was driven out of the fashion industry because of the MC to slander the MC. In the end that backfired on the ex-model and since it was discovered by the MC and ML who exposed his black history and dealings with the unspoken rules. The ex’s manager also found out (since he had to borrow 20 million on top of the 5 million he promised the ex-model) and was pressured to cut off the ex, the manager is pretty smart and had already given up on the ex by then. He cut off the ex’s work, many of his high-end endorsement deals, modelling jobs and fashion show invites were also canceled. His history was also revealed, including cases where he suppressed other models, stole their jobs etc.. including MC’s. I’m not sure what else but in the end I think he was forced out of the industry as well? I’ll edit this if I remember what happened exactly.

Well that’s it for now ,but will be back with more. If you have anything to share or know then don’t forget to comment and share.


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