Tell Me I Can’t song review

Tell Me I Can’t by- Michelle Khane


Michelle Khane is a 27 years old Internet-based personality.

She is best known for production work for Buzz feed and her own YouTube channel. She has done many challenge videos like I tried to become a runway model at 5’2, An extreme body makeover, etc.

I have added her latest video below.

In one of those videos ” I trained like a pop star for 60 days” She released her own original song written by her ‘Tell Me I Can’t‘.(If you want to listen to it then I have linked it down below)

So let me start with the lyrics, man they are beautifully expressed. I’m not a songwriter nor am I a singer (people tell me I’m tone deaf, though I feel like I sound pretty well when I sing with more than 5 people at a time) but I do listen to music. So as per my judgment and facts from her ” I trained like a pop star for 60 days” video it is Good.

FACT 1: Its been 8 years since she had last sung ” 8 YEARS PEOPLE

FACT 2: She was a theater singer in her high school “THEATER SINGER

FACT 3: She only trained for 60 days only ” aka 1 MONTH ONLY

This was only a short period of time. I would say if she trains for about one full year. She will take this song to another level.

I’m a person who likes songs with meaning behind them. And this song has a great meaning to it. Hope others listen to this song too.


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