Trail Of An Amateur Blogger


This is awwstuck03 and welcome to Derwal Devil’s blog (wink) (wink).

I’m an 18 years old female. Trying out Blogging with too much things on my mind or I am not thinking at all. I want to try different topics which I find interesting so this blog will not be focused on any specifics, it will be a cluster of diversity.

So to start off with my first post. I would like to add a scenery picture I had taken, after a hardship of climbing a mountain (it was not “that” tall but man it was tough).

“standing at top and feeling proud”

I Love to read novels, anime, manga ;hence reading in specific. Though I am crazy about fiction stories. My favorite genre keeps on changing current favorites are Time travel, Dimension Travel, Transmigration, Rebirth, Yaoi, System stories, Romance, Revenge and Fantasy.

I am on different reading apps such as Ao3, Wattpad, Inkitt, Web-novel, Fan-fiction, Manga Rock, Web-comics and Manga Searcher. There are many online place where I read Chinese translated novels from but too many to mention. So if you want to know or have same interest as me then comment down below. 

Hope to you all find my coming posts interesting. Until next till.


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Ciao!! I'm an amateur blogger, with too many things in interest and trying different things.

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